Accurate, Accessible, and Affordable Breast Cancer Screening

FWS Solution


  • Technology is based on tissue changes that evidence years before tumor presentation
  • Scalable technology that is easily replicated at much lower cost
  • Three clinical trials with over 650 women trained and validated the FWs Neural Nets
  • Self learning bioinformatics algorithms that learn from each new case to refine outcomes
  • Collection device is a small package with sixteen sensors
  • Device does not interfere with daily activities


The First Warning SystemTM is:

  • Improved quality of care because it is non-radiogenic, non-invasive, and non-toxic
  • Testing and retesting is encouraged because FWS is low cost and non-invasive
  • Post market feedback to build a personal breast tissue history
  • Office-based with nominal capital investment.
  • Requires a minimum time to learn its application—no specialized medical training.
  • Designed to be used at the point of entry of women into the medical care system: free standing clinics, offices of general practitioners, obstetricians, gynecologists, internists and other similar places.
  • Disruptive economics for the patient and medical delivery system

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